While the milestones have not changed in centuries, the distinct world in which teens today are growing up has never existed before. The stress and pressures they deal with come from many areas of their lives. Learning to navigate relationships, school, social media, sports, work, activities and more, all the while making important decisions about their current and future lives, can leave teens feeling overwhelmed, alone, unmotivated, anxious and depressed.

Parents don’t always know how to connect to or support teens, especially when they are often not able to express exactly what the problem is or how they are feeling. Working together, we can help provide them with the skills they need to make positive changes in their lives. It is my job to help your teen find where and how they can take control of their lives and then challenge, encourage and support them in doing that. 

Some of the common struggles teens bring to therapy are…

Understanding what causes and fuels anxiety, depression, disordered eating and self-injurious (cutting) behavior, then learning to take control and manage it. 

Finding strengths and building on them to overcome the lack of confidence or low self-esteem that might be causing you to over-think, over-question and over- criticize yourself.

Gaining a better understanding of the impact you have on others and how to relate to the complex world around you. 

Finding a way to become independent from your parents and family in a MUTUALLY respectful way.

Learning to manage your important relationships on and offline.

Struggling with the social isolation that results from living in a pandemic and finding creative ways to feel connected again.

Handling the pressures of school performance and/or making college decisions.

Dealing with decisions around alcohol, nicotine and/or drug use.

How to support friends who are likely struggling with their own depression, anxiety, family issues and difficult decisions.




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